Forward Looking 377 Order Holds Lessons for the World

Oped by Urvashi Vaid for Times of India on the Indian Supreme Court decision decriminalizing Sodomy (9.9.18)

The Impact of the Trump Administration's Federal Criminal Justice Initiatives on LGBTQ People and Communities

A Report by the National LGBT/HIV Criminal Justice Working Group released on May 14, 2018

A Roadmap For Change: Public Policy Issues Addressing the Criminalization of LGBT People and People Living with HIV

By Catherine Hanssens, Aisha C.Moodie-Mills, Andrea J. Ritchie, Dean Spade, Urvashi Vaid (Columbia Law School Center for Gender & Sexuality Law, 2014)

Unjust: How the Broken Criminal Justice System Fails LGBT People

This Report documents how stigma and discrimination, biased enforcement of laws, and discriminatory policing strategies lead to disproportionate interaction between LGBT people and law enforcement and to continued criminalization. LGBT people are also treated unfairly once they enter the system; the report shows how they overrepresented in jails and prisons and face abuse while incarcerated. Finally, the report sheds light on the fact that LGBT people face unique and considerable challenges in the struggle to rebuild their lives after experiences with law enforcement—and particularly after time spent in a correctional facility.

The Report was authored by the Movement Advancement Project and the Center for American Progress in partnership with the Advancement Project, Forward Together, and JustLeadershipUSA.


The Apparitional Donor: Understanding & Engaging High Net Worth People of Color

Ground-breaking landscape analysis by Urvashi Vaid and Ashindi Maxton on donors of color. Published May 2017. Part of ongoing initiative at The Vaid Group and Faces of Giving

Understanding & Organizing High Net Worth People of Color: A Bibliography of Resources

By Urvashi Vaid and Johanna Sanders. This bibliography compiles data, reports and analysis on giving by communities of color and HNW people of color. (2015)


It's Time to Re-embrace A Politics of Radical, Outsider, Queer Activism

By Urvashi Vaid, Essay in The Nation June 26, 2019

At The Crossroads: The Future of the LGBT Movement

Webinar by the Building Movement Project to release the findings of their report. Video and downloadable slides available from site. (July 2013)

What's LIberation Got to Do With It?

By Urvashi Vaid (openDemocracy: Transformation, June 10, 2014)

Be Transformative Not Transfixed

By Urvashi Vaid, column in The Nation special issue on “What’s next for the LGBT Movement?” (The Nation, June 27, 2013)

Irresistible Revolution: Confronting Race, Class & the Assumptions of LGBT Politics

By Urvashi Vaid (Magnus Books, 2012). [Currently Out Of Print but available online as e-book]


Intersecting Injustice: Addressing LGBTQ Poverty and Economic Justice for All

This report sets a national poverty policy agenda that could help increase awareness and engagement on issues affecting low-income and poor LGBTQ communities. Over 220 people contributed input for the report, which was published in May of 2018. Our partners in producing the report include: Center for American Progress, National LGBTQ Task Force, Transgender Law Center, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Whitman Walker Clinic, Trans Women of Color Collective, CUNY Graduate Center Social Justice Sexuality Project, and the Williams Institute at UCLA Law School. The Vaid's Group work on its poverty initiative has been supported by the Ford Foundation, New York Women's Foundation, the Williams Institute, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, and the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.

PAYING AN UNFAIR PRICE: The Financial Penalty for LGBT Women in America

By Center for American Progress, Movement Advancement Project (MAP), (CAP and MAP, March 2015)

PAYING AN UNFAIR PRICE: The Financial Penalty for Being Transgender in America

By Center for American Progress (CAP), Movement Advancement Project (MAP) (CAP and MAP, February 2015)

Gay and Transgender Youth Homelessness by the Numbers

By Center for American Progress (CAP, June 21, 2010)

a fabulous attitude: low-income lgbtgnc people surviving and thriving on love, shelter & knowledge

By the welfare warriors research collaborative, a participatory action research study of Queers for Economic Justice (Queers for Economic Justice, 2010)

Poverty in the LGBT Community

By Nico Sifra Quintana (Center for American Progress, July 2009)

Non-profit Management and Innovation

Queer Dreams and Nonprofit Blues Conference: Dilemmas of the Nonprofit Tradition in LGBT Politics

Archive of materials from three-day conference held at the Columbia Law School (October 4-5, 2013)

Queer Dreams and Nonprofit Blues - Opening Remarks

By Urvashi Vaid (Urvashi Vaid, October 4, 2013)