Who We Are

The Vaid Group LLC is a social innovation firm focused on strategic action to advance social, racial and gender justice.  We are a team of creative leaders with global and domestic experience in philanthropy, policy, advocacy, strategy, political action, organizing, network-building, program design, results-oriented research, organizational development, program evaluation and more.

What We Do

Our work includes domestic and global projects for foundations, nonprofits, individual social innovators and businesses.  We utilize diverse strategies including traditional and participatory research, policy analysis, convening, organizing, advocacy, coalition and network building, engagement and mobilization through new and old power tools, philanthropic initiatives, and movement building.


  • A just society can be achieved through creative action across business, government, civil society and social movements.
  • Those experiencing inequality and injustice must be integral to developing solutions.
  • Gender based disparities and gender binaries can be changed through political and economic power.
  • Structural racism operates in every institution and can be ended through political, economic and cultural transformation.
  • Cultural change is as important as legal change.
  • An urgent pace matches the need around us.
  • We value humor, optimism, creativity, honesty, and responsibility.

We are committed to expanding equity, inclusion and justice, and to reducing structural inequality through our work.