Donors of Color Network

The Donors of Color Network is a unique cross-racial network connecting people of color with high wealth working for racial equity. We co-founded the Network. Today, we consult to provide research, organizational development and strategy support. See

Wikimedia Foundation

Support to build capacity and strengthen board and management team operations, engagement and strategy.

Ms Foundation for Women

Coaching and capacity building on community-centered design.

The Palette Fund

The Palette Fund supports partners who are at the forefront of improving the lives of individuals and communities facing stigma, alienation, illness. We worked with the Foundation to design its funding strategies in Provincetown MA.

Bread for The World

Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. Bread works to change policies, programs, and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist. The Vaid Group supported Bread’s senior leadership in its commitment to incorporate a racial equity lens into all aspects of the organization’s programs and operations. Our work involved coaching, review and input on program strategy, consultation with staff on program and communications strategies, planning and support in facilitation of key meetings.

Redshift Leadership

Redshift Leadership Leadership is a firm focused on culture change, coaching and leadership innovation in companies and organizations, The Vaid Group worked with Red Shift to plan and facilitate a retreat of democracy reform leaders for the civic participation program of The Ford Foundation.

Provincetown Commons

As part of our work with the Palette Fund we helped a team of dedicated volunteers from Provincetown, New York and Boston, plan, design and launch a new nonprofit center for economic, community development. The Provincetown Commons is a unique organization that combines a co-working space for entrepreneurs and creative professionals, with shared artist studios, community meeting rooms and facilities and a programmatic commitment to building a year-round, sustainable economy for Provincetown. Our role involved project planning and management, leadership of the Building Committee which planned renovations of the facility, support on organizational development and structure, development, board development, community engagement and program development.

American Federation of Teachers

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is a national union of professionals that champions fairness; democracy; economic opportunity; and high-quality public education, healthcare and public services for students, their families and communities. The Vaid Group worked with senior staff at AFT to document the impact and investments made by the AFT’s Innovation Fund. See report at We also worked to deepen the organization’s partnerships and dialogue with the foundation community and created additional internal research, reports, power points and meetings to support that effort.


LPAC is the national lesbian SuperPAC. The Vaid Group provided Interim Executive Director support to the organization during a transition providing management, fundraising, and operational leadership during (2017-2018).


Produced a landscape analysis and program recommendations on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and International Development for USAID Office of Public Private Partnerships. Project contributed to launch of major (over $20 million) initiative by USAID to support work around world on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Center for Gender & Sexuality Law

Conducted criminal justice, nonprofit, and SOGI policy research; raised more than $2 million of dollars in new resources for Center at Columbia Law School.

Advancement Project

Produced a landscape analysis, organizing materials and networked high net worth donors of color.


Conducted an Oral History Project and film to document the work of this multi-racial, women's cultural political movement organization (1977-1995).

The Williams Institute

Worked with the LGBTQ Poverty Collaborative to develop a National Policy Agenda that addresses LGBTQ Poverty and economic vulnerability.