The Vaid Group provides consulting services in four areas:

Organizational Development & Strategy; Advocacy & Organizing; Initiative Design & Project Management; and Research & Evaluation.

Our services include organizational development and strategy, capacity building, program & initiative design and management, coalition and network building, convening, planning and facilitation, resource & fund development, evaluation, board & leadership coaching, policy analysis & advocacy, traditional and participatory research, landscape analysis, foundation operations and management, individual donor giving strategies, grant-making and philanthropic initiatives, and more.

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Organizational Development & Strategy


We support diverse organizations, networks, coalitions, foundations, and individual philanthropists to develop their organizations and goals, and achieve their objectives.

  • Program and initiative design for organizations
  • Organizational development and management support
  • Strategic planning for initiatives, coalitions and organizations
  • Support with fund development (foundation relations, major donors, resource development strategy and plans, fundraising support)
  • Coaching for individual leaders and teams
  • Public policy development and advocacy
  • Philanthropic initiative design & management for donors, collaboratives, and foundations
  • Donor advising services for foundations and individuals


Supported the Palette Fund in creation and implementation of a place-based, funding strategy for community development in Provincetown MA.

Supported the programmatic inclusion of racial equity into the work of Bread for The World, a leading Christian anti-hunger organization.

The Vaid Group provided interim-operational leadership, fundraising support and management to LPAC, the national lesbian SuperPAC, during a leadership transition.


Advocacy & Organizing


We devise and execute strategies that advance issue advocacy and utilize organizing methodologies to engage and build leadership.

  • Policy analysis, research and policy agenda development
  • Advocacy campaign development and execution
  • Organizing initiatives designed and executed (national and local)
  • Coalition and network building (to build joint purpose and collaboration around advocacy, issue, cross-sector, educational, or philanthropic goals)
  • Convening, facilitation, meeting planning
  • Conference design, production and management
  • Direct Engagement Strategies (direct action, political and cultural events)


Multi-year organizing initiatives  to place poverty on the agenda of LGBTQ movement groups and LGBTQ people on the agenda of anti-poverty movement through research, policy development, advocacy, and partnership with service providers.  (see

Founded and led National LGBT/HIV Criminal Justice Working Group, the national network connecting organizations working to reduce the unique harms of the criminal legal system on the lives of LGBT people and people living with HIV; project now led by Black & Pink.

Conference production experience by Team Members includes Creating Change, Symposia at Columbia Law School; extensive experience as Conference MC at OutGiving, Democracy Alliance, Fenway Institute, National Center for Lesbian Rights, among others.


Initiative Design & Management


We work with our partner organizations to envision and design unique projects and initiatives to advance their policy goals, change social movement practices, and increase collaboration across sectors to win change.    We also incubate our own unique initiatives through Justice Work, the c3 project hub.  Our methodology to build any initiative starts with original research - often participatory -- that is  grounded in the input and experience of those most impacted by a challenge or opportunity.  We also provide skilled project management and leadership.

  • Original research - includes surveys, landscape analysis, interviews, focus groups, convening
  • Project management and implementation
  • Strategic planning and design of advocacy, organizing, funding or policy initiatives
  • Design and management of donor networks and funding collaboratives
  • Design projects that increase cross-organization and cross-sector collaboration


Initiated, co-founded and serve as Senior Advisors to the Donors of Color Network the first and only cross-racial, philanthropic and political network connecting individual high net worth donors of color.(

Supported and managed project for Palette Fund to help community leaders build a new organization and co-working space called Provincetown Commons (

Produced and co-authored A Roadmap for Change: Public Policy Recommendations Addressing the Criminalization of LGBT People and People Living with HIV; and through this process helped organize National LGBT/HIV Criminal Justice Working Group.


Research & Evaluation


We are a team of experienced researchers and writers, with JD's PhDs and MAs from diverse fields.  We offer rigorous analytical approaches that deploy diverse methodologies, from traditional social science research, to landscape analysis, to legal and policy analysis, to participatory research.  Our team includes members with practical experience in issues facing justice and equity-focused organizations. We produce reports that are program evaluations and/or documentation.


Researched and wrote first-ever landscape analysis on the philanthropic engagement of people of color with high net worth.  Titled The Apparitional Donor:  Understanding and Engaging High Net Worth Donors of Color (available at

Designed and completed participatory research project with 8 partner organizations, convening service providers in 8 cities and 2 rural communities to inform the writing of an original report addressing key policy actions that could impact LGBTQ poverty (Intersecting Injustice: A National Call To Action) (available at or

Conducted program documentation and assessment for American Federation of Teachers (AFT) on impact of its Innovation Fund.

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